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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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CCOT Essay: China 100 CE-600 CE
China’s culture and it’s values have stayed as mostly continuities and few or little changes. The teachings and values of Confucianism that were so strong that they have lasted throughout the centuries of Chinese history and is still well-known today. These values included guidelines on respect. Chinese civilization during the classical civilization was a patriarchy and with the Confucius teaching which created the outline of how a good family should work like. Patriarchy was continuity for Chinese civilization. Many of Confucius’ beliefs and values will survive and withstand many potential changes to come. One of these changes were Buddhism, which came into China through many different paths such as the Silk Road. The Han Dynasty fell, causing China to go into a three year period of chaos. China’s cultural unity was threatened by the spread of Buddhism, though it was tone of the one ideas that was imported into China before the 20th century. Fortunately for China’s streak of continuity, the three century period of chaos would end which would also revive Confucianism. The rising and falling of dynasties were continuity. Confucianism took China’s social pieces and put them together. Even though China had many changes that took place from 100 C.E. to 600 C.E., they always evened out culturally. They also remained in their streak of cultural continuity thanks to Confucius and his teachings. One of these continuities was the dynamic cycles, like the Zhou dynasty, the Qin dynasty, and the Han dynasty, because it had lasted throughout the Classical Era. Many things were changing around the time period. The first of these things was that the bureaucratic system. It was becoming more and more corrupt. Peasants and the regular people of China became poor. After germs and disease came, people started to die as well. Then nomads came, and due to the unstable government of China at the time, the army was not able to push them. Therefore, the...
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