Ccot Classical Greece and Rome

Topics: Democracy, Ancient Rome, Government Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: December 11, 2012
In the classical period of Greece and Rome, Greece had a direct democracy in where the people elected leaders to represent them. Rome had a republic in where the people had a lot less say in who led them. However in both Rome and Greece the people felt they had a strong connection to their government and they felt as though they were in control. In terms of interaction with other cultures, Greece and Rome both had a part in Christianity. They actually had a Greco- Roman religion that had influences from both cultures in it varying with slight differences. During the agricultural stage of society both Greece and Rome were forced to conquer in different directions. Rome pushed to the Middle East to acquire grain and Greece pushed south into Africa also to acquire grain. This was the main contact with other cultures besides trade. Greece and Rome had two different types of government. Rome had a republic, whereas Greece had a direct democracy. The republic of Rome was a type of government where the people were involved in their government but were left out of much more than in a democracy. The people were informed by the government of what was going on and the people had their say. However that did not mean that the government had to listen. They had a senate and at the head of the republic sat two consuls that were elected by the senate. The senate was comprised mostly of wealth Aristocrats who held most of the offices in the government. They would meet in assemblies and gatherings to appoint a magistrate or other official and the public would not have a lot of input. However in Greece they had a direct democracy. The Greeks actually came up with the idea of democracy. In this democracy the people would all come together and they would hold a meeting. They would meet every ten days to make decisions for themselves. They would elect a temporary judge or other official of some sort to help in the process and then they would come before the assembly (the people) to...
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