Ccot Chart

Topics: Africa, Middle Passage, Slavery Pages: 4 (625 words) Published: February 16, 2011
CCOT Chart 1450 to 1750 CE
1.Interaction between humans and the environment
a.Demography and Disease
i.Smallpox completely wipes out the Indian population in South America and Mexico ii.In Africa, men were being put into slavery more than women and children thus disrupting the population iii.In Europe, population increases due to advanced medicine and technology iv.Denser population centers meant exchange of disease was higher (example: South America) b.Migration

i.Mfecane causes massive migration in Africa
ii.Some migration causes great changes (Ex: Portuguese in Africa) iii.Migration of slaves in the Americas create new towns
c.Patterns of settlement
i.As the population increased, people began to search for new lands ii.Some European powers began to colonize new lands in order to gain power. More land = more power iii.Colonies in the Americas grew as more people migrated there d.Technology

i.Weaponry improved
ii.Armor was thicker
iii.In India, Babur used elephants as tanks
iv.Ships now can carry cannons for defense
2.Development and interaction of cultures
i.Protestantism forms
ii.Anglican church is created in England
iii.Islam is split: Shiite and Sunni
b.Belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies
i.Calvinism insisted on God’s predestination
ii.Lutheranism urged state control of the church
iii.In India, Islam and Hindu tries to bond together but does not work c.Science and Technology
i.Calendars improve
iii.People learn more about the body
iv.Microscopes and telescopes improve
v.Newton defines the forces of gravity
d.The arts and architecture
i.Taj Mahal
iii.Government patrons arts
iv.Grand mosques are built
3.State-building, expansion, and conflict
a.Political structures and forms of governance
i.Absolute monarchies
v.Parliamentary Monarchies
iii.Qing and Ming...
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