Ccot-Atlantic World

Topics: Europe, Africa, Americas Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 23, 2012
CCOT- Atlantic World
The Atlantic world consisted of different countries that spread new ideas constantly. The social and economic transformations include family life, the use of labor, and the Columbian exchange. The continuity of constant trade also occurred in the Atlantic world Family life in the New World continued to be like that of the Europeans that settled the land, such as the emphasis on the nuclear unit in families from Europe. Even though family life was carried over from Europe to the Americas, there were changes. Americans didn’t have as many children as in Europe because they majorly relied on their work because the environment was labor-scarce. When Americans had kids the Europeans observed that the children were the center of the family in a typical household. The Americans also changed family life in Europe creating a trend on family affection. The uses of labor changed also when the Europeans came to the Americas. They used coercive labor, first with the Natives. When they started dying off from the foreign disease smallpox, they needed to find an alternative for labor. The Europeans start to take over Africa, and in 1562 the British start its slave trade. The Africans were not only taken from their home but brought over to the New World to be sold. Eventually they would be bought and forced to work for no pay. Trade continued to be a major economic contributor of currency. The world economy is very dependent on the trading system. Western Europe expanded on their manufacturing operations, so in turn they exported expensive products. The Europeans traded guns and cloth for goods such as silver and sugar from other countries, including America. The Americans and Europeans weren’t the only ones that traded together, so did the Africans and this is known the triangular trade. The Africans entered the trading industry by supplying slaves; in return Africans received products such as guns. These slaves were mostly used to forcefully...
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