Ccna4 Final Practical

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Department of Information Technology

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CCNA4: Accessing the WAN
Laboratory Exercise

VLSM, Routing Protocol, VLANs, NAT and DHCP

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this activity the student must be able to
• Design IP addressing scheme for the network
• Cable the network according to the Topology Diagram
• Perform basic configuration tasks on the router and the switch • Configure and activate interfaces
• Configure OSPF routing on all routers
• Configure inter-VLANs and Trunks on the switch
• Assign IP addresses dynamically to workstations.
• Translate Private IP addresses to Public IP addresses.


The ABC Company is a small company that is developing software for their clients. The Main router connects the Operations group. The Operation group is subdivided into three departments namely Sales and Marketing having 51 staffs, Accounting with 20 staffs and Technical Support with 10 staffs.

The company has a remote branch with 20 staffs and they plan to connect it to the main branch. Furthermore, the company specified some requirements to meet their security and network cost issues as follows:

➢ Company subscribes to one network IP address - This IP must be well distributed to the main branch of the company considering the least number of wasted IP. ➢ The three (3) departments in the Operations group should be in separate network traffic to ensure data security. ➢ Assignment of IP addresses on the workstations on the Operations group should be done dynamically to all departments ➢ The Remote branch is given 6 IP addresses – Use this assigned IP to translate the 20 workstations that will be using a private IP ➢ Configure a default route on Router Main for all unknown destination. ➢ Use OSPF as Routing Protocol with router ID 50.

Implement Security on the Main Router

➢ Only the Technical group must be able to use ICMP to all networks. ICMP (pings) on Sales and Marketing as well as Accounting department should be blocked.

Network Topology:

Task 1: Design an IP address table that will satisfy the Companies requirement.

|Department |Network Name |Number of Hosts|Network Address |Subnet Mask | | | |Required | | | |Operations Network |Sales and Marketing | | | | | |Accounting | | | | | |Technical | | | | |Remote Branch |Remote | | | | |WAN connection |WAN link | | | |

Router Information:

|Device |Interface/ |IP Address |Subnet Mask |Default Gateway |Network Address | | |Subinterface | | | | | |WS2 |NIC | | | | | |WS3 |NIC | | | | | |WS5 |NIC |...
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