Cce Demerits

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The Disadvantages of Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation
Comprehensive evaluation assesses students' involvement in sports as part of the curriculum evaluation process.

Comprehensive continuous evaluation (CCE) is an educational evaluation style used in India for evaluating elementary and secondary school students. The assessment system is designed to replaced standardized board examination testing by evaluating students based on academic and personal progress from the start of their education to its completion, or kindergarten through high school graduation. Teachers evaluate scholastic performance, arts and sports involvement and personal and social development. 1. Time Constraints

o CCE requires teachers to spend more time evaluating individual students. While the advantages of this include a broader view of the child's progress and more interaction with the child's parents, it can put additional strain on teachers that negatively influences their ability to assess students. Student conferences are more frequent under this system, requiring teachers to add more hours to their work day. This disadvantage can easily be remedied if parents avail themselves for conferences with the teacher during school hours and if classroom sizes are limited.

Potential for Inconsistencies

o CCE requires all teachers be trained and adhere to the same assessment methods. However, the system is liable to suffer from many inconsistencies. Teachers are charged with assessing cognitive abilities as well as health habits, work habits, cleanliness and cooperation. While a general standard of health habits and cleanliness, for example, may be assumed, the truth is such personal standards can be surprisingly subjective. Training teachers in assessing these values may not provide any more consistent results than standardized testing.

Potential for Prejudice

o CCE is aimed at grooming students academically as well as shaping their...
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