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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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I will remember the man who was looking for new shoes. The old man walked into the store complaining that hes shoes weren't nice enough for church. He should just be grateful for what he has. That was Jane's first experience at the store. She was getting a gift for her daughter. Jane was very impressed on how Dorthy 82 years old handled the situation. The way that Dorthy responded to the old man made Jane want to volunteer there. Through out the book that's how Jane handled everyone who came into the store, she took after Dorthy. Another thing I will remember is when Jane was being extremely nice to a lady who came in who needed nice pants for work. Jane keep asking her what she needed and was being very nice to her. She was also patient when she started to cry and kept asking for more and more things. That really made me think. How could one person be so generous? Not only did Jane teach the woman things but the woman taught Jane how to forgive. The woman told Jane about her father and how she forgave him. This part of the story also relates to the one I stated before. Jane did what Dorthy taught her and startedd to be respectful to the woman that came in for clothes. Teenagers and college students get involved in the story by volunteering at St Vincent de Paul thrift store when the store was in need of help. The men that graduated from a local catholic high school helped move furniture sometimes into the shop. When they heard the store was looking for volunteers over the summer, they did it. They took the store keys helped out over the summer months. Jane was able to take off and spend time with her daughters, while the older volunteers at the store had time to vacation and play golf. Without the college students the store was in danger of closing.
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