CC Company: Sound Engineering and Equipment Business

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Simply sound
I am starting a business that will cater for the engineer, musician and entertainment industry. This is a marketing and financial plan that will take you through every step intended to be taken to get this business off the ground. I will be registering the business as a CC Company.

Executive summary
My business will be an overall sound engineering and equipment business. We will cater to setting up the sound for live shows, events and corporate functions. In addition to this we will also have a walk in shop where you will be able to find sound based equipment, from startup equipment for building our own live sound setup as a musician, building a recording studio or upgrading already existing equipment. We will also have sound recording hardware and software available. You will also be able to bring in equipment for repairs and services

• The market I am aiming for has a variety of different niches that I am aiming to fill. On our equipment side we will have products pertaining to most needs of the engineer or musician from sound recording equipment to live sound setups to specific lighting. We will also offer repairs to equipment. On the other side of it we will offer sound and lighting for events, live shows and functions, corporate or other

• What is the potential for the business?
This business has a lot of potential to grow, it will be the one stop shop for all your sound needs, and offer a live show service as well. When you look at the average music or sound shop, you will notice they very rarely offer more than one of these services. Making my business an effective and viable solution that will attract customers

• Forecast profit figures for 6 months
|Month |January |February |March |April |May |June | |Cash Balance |-20 000 |-41 600 |-47 200 |-28 400 |33 800 |106 800 | |Cash...
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