Cbse English Board Papers for Sa-1 2012-13 Class 9

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Class - IX

Maximum Marks:80

Time :3 hours
The question paper is divided into four sections.
Section A


L5 marks

Section B


20 marks

Section C


15 marks

Section D


30 marks

(Reading - 15 Mark6)


Read the passage carefully.

How to Change the World
As a teenagef, you cannot change the world all on your own. However/ you can do quite a few things to help and contribute towards changing the world. There are manl' other ways that you can help change the world apart from the ones 'Jrat are listed here, but for now here are a few easy things to do, seeing as you are only a teen. You could do much more, the possibilities are endless.

You've most likely heard about recycling and you might even do it yourself. However, you may want to recycle even more. If you've finished drinking a bottle of water and you're definitely sure that you're not going to use it agairy recycle it. You can recycle many things, quite a few things are: papel, glass, cardboard and plastic.

Donate. Donation can vary from time to time. You may find yourself in a charity shop donating all your old clothes/shoes/toys or you could simply find yourself putting all your loose change inside a money box outside a charity shop. You don't have to do extreme things like for example donating blood if you're definitely not 100% sure about it. Do what you feel com-fortable with doing. Money that is donated to charity is usually used to help those that live in poverty or those who need a little extra care.

Littering. Time after time you may have found yourself in a position where you have littered. Littering contributes to polluting the planet and is quite hazardous to the people and animals around us. If there aren't any nearby bins, hold on to your rubbish until you find one. If your rubbish is recyclable, recycle it.

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Reduce vehicle pollution..It's not only a waste

of gasf patrol to drive to a nearby
it's also polluting our environment. If your parents (considering you're a kid/teen) offer to drive you to school, politely decline their offer and walf destination but

instead. If your joumey isn't walkable, you might want to take a bus/train instead. However, it may be best just to let your parents drive you if you don,t like to use public transport.


Ever found yourseU in a position lt here you seem to have run out of space to plug something in? First of all, if you're not using an electrical powered objeit, turn it of] and then unplug it. It's not necessary to have all the sockets occupied at once. If you skaighten your hair every morning, for example, then you might want to change that. Not only are you wasting energy but you're damaging your hair. It,s also beit to avoid over-charg-ing your laptop, for example, if you use one because they do take quite a while to charge depending on your performance plan.

Motivational speakers can have their ideas ald beliefs heard and some have been known to have an impact on the world as a whole. you may not want to stand in the middle of your local park and you most definitely don,t want to preach too much. A suggestion could be you recording yourself talking about any kind of problem that there is in the world and uploading it to youTube. If you;re lucky, you may just get the right attention. Don't give up if it takes time though. you could altematively want to change something or address a problem withl 1,eur

local area by discussing things with your local governor. It may take a while to grab their direct attention but every effort can lead you at least somewhere. Make iure you seem professional with whatever you choose to do. No one lt iil listen to someone who is speaking in slang or comes across as aggressive and too demanding.


on the basis of your reading of the above
that follow...
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