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Topics: Quadratic equation, Arithmetic mean, Real number Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Question 1) Evaluate without using trigonometric table: cos 75o/sin 15o + sin 12o/cos 78o – cos 18o/sin 72o (Marks 2)Question 2) Evaluate (sec2A – 1)(1 – cosec2A ) (Marks 2)Question 3) If tan A = b/a where a and b are real numbers, find the value of sin2 A (Marks 2)Question 4) A cricketer has mean score of 58 runs in nine innings. Find out how many runs are to be scored in the tenth innings to raise the mean score to 61. (Marks 2)Question 5) Find the mean of the following data: 46, 64, 87, 41, 58, 77, 35, 90, 55, 33, 92 If in the data, the observation 92 is replaced by 19, determine the new median. (Marks 2) click for answerQuestion 6) Harshad purchased a motorcycle for Rs. 42,952 which includes the amount of sales tax. If the tax charged is 12% of the list price, find the list price of the motorcycle. (Marks 2)Question 7) The circumference of the edge of a hemispherical bowl is 132 cm. Find the capacity of the bowl ( Π= 22/7) (Marks 2)Question 8) Find the value of c for which the quadratic equation 4×2 – 2(c + 1)x + (c + 4) = 0 has equal roots. (Marks 2)Question 9) The ages of two girls are in the ratio 5 : 7. Eight years ago their ages were in the ratio 7 : 13. Find their present ages. (Marks 2)Question 10) Find the value of k for which the system of equation 8x + 5y = 9, kx + 10y = 15 has no solution. (Marks 2)Question 11) Find the G.C.D. of 24(4x2 – 9) and 18(2x2 + 5x – 12) (Marks 2)Question 12) Flow chart. Deleted from the syllabus. (Marks 2)Question 13) In figure ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral. AE is drawn parallel to CD and BA is produced. If ABC = 92o, FAE = 20o, find BCD. (Marks 2) No answer Question 14) Determine the length of an altitude of an equilateral triangle of side 2a cm. (Marks 2)Question 15) In the figure, a circle touches all the four sides of a quadrilateral ABCD where sides AB = 6 cm, BC = 7 cm and CD = 4 cm. Find AD. (Marks 2) sorry, no answer for this as I do not have diagram for this question> ANSWERS Answer1) cos 75o/sin 15o + sin...
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