Cbs vs Npr

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There are so many different ways of acquiring the latest news nowadays because the twenty-first century likes to stay on top of things. From radio stations to television channels, to online websites to newspapers, citizens around the world can stay up to date with current news topics in the most convenient ways for them. Although there are so many different sources within categories such as television programs and newspapers, the two news sources I will be focusing on comparing and evaluating are news presented by CBS Evening News and NPR’s Hourly News Summary on June 6, 2012. There are many similarities and differences between these two news sources but both are popular amongst viewers and listeners alike. CBS Evening News is traditional half hour national news, and the National Public Radio is an advocacy type news source. The major difference between these two sources is that CBS is a television show that is viewable, and NPR is a radio program in which the audience can only listen to the news as opposed to seeing it. In terms of presenting reliable information and capturing the audience’s attention, I believe CBS Evening News is a more popular and dependable news source.

CBS Evening News covered a series of news within around a twenty one minute time frame. In the beginning, there were short preview clips of the various news topics that were to be discussed in the segment. Scott Pelley was the main newsman for the show, but the segment went back and forth to various other newsmen in relation to each topic being discussed. In terms of access to reliable information, CBS news includes a lot of reliable sources, as shown in the clips in the news piece. They personally send people to interview first-hand sources such as governors (Dean Reynolds) and effected workers, retract information from political directors (John Dickerson), and capture video clips of protests at the actual site. What CBS did that kept viewers watching was they knew how to...
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