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CBL Case 1. Strategic overview in the media.

1. What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a part of strategic management. The strategic plan is about what an organisation does, what an organisation wants to achieve and how they want to reach that goal. It’s important for an organisation to make a strategic plan, because then they know where they stand and what they have to do in the near future. (Scheepers, 2004) It’s to optimize the existing Business Model, or to make a whole new Business Model. When there is a good strategic plan the performances of the company will increase. The most strategic planning’s are made up for a period of one to five years, but there are also organisations who go through I new cycle of strategic management process every year. What doesn’t mean that they’re choose every year a new strategy, often they modify or reaffirm the current one. (Jones & Hill, 2010)

2. What elements are in the strategic plan.

There are five formal steps in a strategic planning process; 1. Select the mission, vision, values and the major goals. 2. Analyse the organization’s external competitive environment to identify opportunities and threats. 3. Analyse the organization’s internal operating environment to identify opportunities and threats. 4. Select strategies that match the SWOT.

5. Implement the strategies. (Jones & Hill, 2010, p. 12)
6. Monitoring and evaluate.

I’ll explain the five formal steps of strategic planning.

Step 1.
* The mission describes what the company does. In case of Brown Bag Films, is the mission making animation movies. * The vision what does the company want?. Brown Bag Films wants to entertain people with their animation movies. * The Values of a company are how managers and employees should conduct themselves, how they should do business and what kind of organization the are. In case of Brown Bag Films, they are very creative and hard working. * Major Goals. Is a precise measurable desired future state that company attempts to realize. In case of Brow n Bag Films will be still around in twelve years.

Step 2 and 3. Is making about a SWOT. To see what’s going on right now, where the problems and the chances are.

Step 4. Is in the 6th question of this CBL task.

They can make decisions on different levels.
(Nieuwenhuis, 2010) (Jones & Hill, 2010)

3. What are the special characteristics of strategic management in the media?

In the media there are more things to take into account. When you think about new media, media companies have a double relation with the new media. They create it, but the new media is also about them. That makes the strategic world of the media very difficult.

That’s why Lucy Küng describes three catagories of strategic management in the media. You can see it below on the picture.

Rationalist. This version is the version which looks like the one in question 2. It’s about analyse, choice a strategy and implementation.

Adaptive. That’s more about how things change, and how you anticipate on that thins. Processes, structure, systems and people.

Interpretative. Then you base a strategy on things you can’t change. The strategy is based on the behaviour of a group.

When you see these points, you see you can make decisions about strategy in the media only when you exactly know the internal environment and the external environment. And the internal and the external have to come up close together in the strategy plan, that’s really important in the media sector. Brown Bag Films have also to bring this together. (Küng, 2008)

4. What are the trends and developments in the animation sector?

The animation industry is changing very fast. In the past 10 years, there are more and more technics and animations look like the real world. Even as the people who watch to animation films, in the past animation was only for children now a day’s things as avatar are just for...
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