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Topics: Fundamental physics concepts, Semiconductor, Electron Pages: 3 (458 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Proceedings of the 26th Academic Council held on 18.5.2012



Materials Science

Version No.
Course Pre­requisites/ Co­requisites/ anti­requisites : 

L  T  P  C 

To enable the students to understand the nature of different types of materials namely Conducting, Semi conducting, Dielectrics, Magnetic and Superconducting materials. Expected Outcome:
This course will be the base to understand the various concepts involved in the applications of materials in Engineering and Technology. Unit 1 
Conducting material
10 hours 
Drude – Lorentz Classical free electron theory of metals –electrical conductivity – relaxation time – drift velocity –Matthiessen’s rule – thermal conductivity – Wiedemann –Franz law- drawbacks of classical theory; Kronig-Penny Model, Quantum theory (derivation) and its success – Band theory of solids.

Unit 2
Semiconductor materials
15 hours 
Introduction to statistical Physics – Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics, Bose-Einstein statistics and Fermi-Dirac statistics (qualitatively) – Density of energy state. Semiconductors – p and n type – Effective mass of hole and electron – direct and indirect band gap semiconductors – Variation of Fermi level with respect to temperature and carrier concentration in intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors; Hall effect – theory – experimental proof- Hall sensor- solar cell-principle and working. Unit 3

Dielectric and Magnetic Materials
20 hours 
Polarization and dielectric constant - dielectric susceptibility - electric field inside a dielectric – macroscopic and microscopic electric field – Clausius – Mosotti relation Polarization mechanisms – electronic, ionic and orientation - Temperature dependence of dielectric constant – Complex dielectric constant - Frequency dependence – Debye equation - dielectric breakdown – types - dielectric materials as electrical insulators – examples.

Magnetic parameters and their...
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