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Topics: Community, Neighbourhood, Criminal law Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Describe a problem in your community and how it affected you and the community. Tell how the problem was resolved.

Theft is a problem in many communities. Our community, Muirland Community experienced perpetrators entering our homes rampantly last year. The members of our community decided to fight back. With the help of community awareness campaigns, round the clock watch volunteers and full cooperation of community members, we were able to resolve the problem.

I myself was unable to avoid being victimized by those kinds of perpetrators. One sunny afternoon, as I was cleaning up my garage a stranger approached me seeking help with his flat tire. I was too trusting to offer help, little did I know that everything was a big scam. While helping him with his flat tire, another men secretly went into my garage and took away my personal things inside my car. I didn't realize it not until I went looking for my cellphone to make some phone calls. It was depressing that I was a good Samaritan yet everything was just a big scheme.

My personal experience was one story to tell, my neighbors to had their own version of burglary in their homes. A neighbor told me last year, someone just held a knife to him while walking his 2 year old baby along his apartment park. He was completely stunned, when a guy with a smiling face approach him and ask for his wallet. He gave his wallet and did not bother to fight back for his baby's safety. The guy just said thank you and graciously walked away after he got my neighbor's wallet.

As life gets tougher, we ought to be more cautious in our homes. One way to avoid being victimized by theft is to report the incident to your neighborhood authorities. Last January, our community has agreed to partake in an action to be one in fighting against theft. Residents volunteered to launch a campaign ads to educate the whole community of diffefent theft scam. Flyers were posted and volunteers were tasked to keep watch of suspected and...
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