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Consumer Decision Making – Soft Drinks

External Influences

Soft drinks are loved by everyone whether young or old. The reason is that they have a sweet, delicious, and refreshing taste. Where ever you go, you most probably will come in contact with some soft drinks ads. This beverage is heavily advertised in order to avoid a situation in which sales will decline. Available as cheap as Rs. 20, soft drinks are affordable by everyone. Even small kids who get a little pocket money can afford it. Although low priced, it does not stop high income groups from consuming them. One reason for success is its distribution channels. Major soft drink manufacturers like Pepsi and Coca Cola use a variety of channels. The bulk of the goods are sold directly to retailers while the remaining portion is sold through wholesalers. It is the family and society that influences individuals to consume soft drinks. By occasionally purchasing this product, people influence other to consume it. The external factors are so vast that it is difficult to find a person who has never consumed this drink.

Consumer Decision Making

The primary reason people consume soft drinks is because of its taste and to quench thirst. Since they are available everywhere, consumers do not have to search for this product. All they need to do is visit a general store and purchase a bottle for a quite a low price. There are two other options available which can fulfill the needs of the consumer. One is water and the second is juice. Water is usually rejected since soft drinks and juices contain high amounts of sugar; hence, they are preferred. The perception people have about soft drinks is that they give energy and are good for quenching thirst. Both these perceptions are wrong because soft drinks are actually bad for health. They do not give energy; neither is good for quenching thirst. They contain high amounts of sugar and are acidic in nature with can cause...
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