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魅力超男(Ubersexual, 意指兼具男人味和性感魅力,溫柔乾練的男性)

Q5. Evaluate Clinique’s men’s product line and branding strategy. Suggest changes where appropriate.

Ans: Clinique’s men’s has two product lines, which is basic care and fragrance. For the basic care, it consists of skin care, shave and grooming for men to make good care of their skin. About the Clinique’s men’s product branding strategies, Clinique has introduced a concept of Men’s 3-Step to promote its men skin care products and let them know that men also need to have basic skin care. Clinique has used black color to package their men’s product, it is because black color can represent men’s style, such as power, sexy and mystery. Also, Clinique has created its own slogan for men fragrance, which is called Clinique Happy for Men that it can provide a idea that use the fragrance can refreshing the scent of men and will become happy after wear it. It can match to the new trend of ‘Ubersexual’ that men live with their own sense of style and create their characteristic. On the other hand, we suggest that Clinique can use celebrity to promote their men’s product through different types of advertising, it is because celebrity can easy to get attention of the target audience. Also, using expert to provide acknowledgment to the customers, this approval can ensure the trust among the target audience.

Q6. What motives should Clinique appeal to in promoting its men’s line?

Ans: In order to promote the men’s line, Clinique should appeal to the ego-defense motive, which means the need to defend men’s identity or ego, such as masculinity, rugged and stylish. With its black packaging, which represents power, sexy and mystery, Clinique’s men’s products are advertised to provide ego-defense that can help men fears about buying these products. The advertising also has to display male characters that are confident about using something feminine product and can assure men that they are still masculinity after using the...
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