Cayce and Laryngitis as Symbolic Loss of Power or Power Given Up to Channel

Topics: Human voice, Dysphonia, New Age Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Cayce and Laryngitis as symbolic loss of power or power given up to channel

One of the things that interest me is Cayce’s loss of voice. Bro remarks on page 253 that in a reading Cayce was given that it was do to nervous strain. It is my understanding that there is a reason for all illness caused by a Chakra imbalance on the physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual level. It is a blockage and the illness is actually the bodies attempt to correct the blockage of energy. When Kundalini rise up through the Chakras whatever Chakra is blocked there will be illness in the area the Chakra controls if the blockage is significant or not dealt with for along time. This does not mean sick people are any less spiritual than healthy people and without going into it here, I will briefly say this is one of the greatest misperceptions of the new age thought in misunderstanding this.

Cayce’ illness was in his throat specifically according to the reading in the vocal cords. Usually hoarseness or loss of voice represents a perceived or felt loss of power. Often a person who losses their voice feels that what they have to say is undervalued or the person who has lost there voice undervalues what they have to say themselves. The loss of voice always deals with self worth issues and voicing your own power. As I write this I am just getting over laryngitis from a strong cold I developed three days after arriving back in Korea. In India everything I said had great weight and value and I felt a strong since of self worth. In Korea I constantly have to fight to even get a phone call returned from my department head because Korean professors feel it is underneath them to talk to a foreigner. My students value what I say a great deal and this makes the job worth doing, but always it is a struggle in the university hierarchy. I really did not want to come back and neither did my wife Joan. In addition I was so involved in my work which I felt to be so important in India. I came...
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