Causes Spanish Civil War

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Causes of Spanish Civil War

On the 17th of July of 1936 the Spanish Civil War erupted. However before this, Spain had its fair share of stability problems. The problems began all the way since 1851, but instead of going year by year, it is better to divide the causes in the following categories: political, military, socioeconomic, regional and religious.

During the years previous to the war, Spain had a lot of political instability. Most think that the Left was more responsible for this than the right, for various reasons. Fro example between 1933 and 1936 the Left became very divided, which led to a lot of clashes between partied, within the same movement, preventing them from reaching any agreements. The Socialists refused to cooperate and Anarchist wouldn’t join the Popular Front. Also the Left Wing was determined not to stay passive like their Italian and German counterparts. All this created a lot of tension between parties, which led to an inevitable confrontation. There was also the introduction of a variety of extremist reforms. Some of these were like divorce being allowed, Jesuits being expelled, and others. However these reforms on their own didn’t do much, it was the fact that they were so radical that upset the Right Wing. If this weren’t enough, when the Right came to power again, it made yet another radical change; they took all the reforms away. This instability eventually would lead to both sides being angry. However, politics in Spain were very influenced by the military, and it was because of the split in it that the Spanish Civil War broke out.

In the years before the war, the military basically ran the country. They were overstaffed and over powerful. An example of this was 1930, when the army withdrew their support from Rivera, and thus he had to resign. However, during the Left Wing period (1931-33) most of the army officers were made to retire early in half pay. Which displeased the army greatly. The down side to this was that the...
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