Causes of Wwii Webquest

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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WebQuest: Causes of World War II

Directions for the WebQuest Guide: The following guide lines up directly with the website for the WebQuest. As you follow through the Process part of the WebQuest, use the guide to summarize information from the websites, typing your answers directly into the guide.

Main Causes of WWII
1. Treaty of Versailles
a. Unfair Blame Reparations Army Territory
b. Explain what each letter stands for (include more than just the word!!) i. When Germans found out about the Treaty of Versailles they felt pain, anger and that is was unfair. ii. Germans claimed they were NOT to blame for the war. iii. Germans hated reparations, and believed they were trying to starve their children to death. (Reparation commission was a payment in money or materials offered for loss or damage) iv. The Germans hated their tiny army and believed it was too helpless against other countries. v. Germans hated their loss of territory as well.

2. Worldwide Depression
c. Unemployment: mass unemployment and poverty in Germany therefore a dictatorial leadership was created and encouraged to take what they wanted by force. d. America: America called its loans to Germany, crashing the German industry and bringing Hitler to direct power e. Politics: Since Germany had things so bad “at home” leaders directed the people’s hatred towards foreign countries. –More aggressive, nationalistic foreign policy. f. Empire Building: The answer for bad economic trade for some countries was building an empire. This secured supplies- raw materials and natural resources. g. Self-Interest: Countries prepared for being generous in the 1920’s could not afford to in the 30’s and had to leave the league. This destroyed the international co-operation ideal of League of Nations. h. Britain and France: They were suffering as well- which is the reason they didn’t send an army to Manchuria,...
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