Causes of Ww2

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, League of Nations Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Causes of World War 2
Even though some people may believe that the Treaty of Versailles was the main cause of World War 2 but, the main cause of World War 2 is the rise of Adolf Hitler because he persuaded the citizens of Germany and mesmerized them with his powerful speeches to join his cause, and he broke the Treaty of Versailles by building up an army and annexing neighboring countries that he thought was his. The primary cause of World War 2 can be seen from a psychological perspective; Adolf Hitler was a man who knew how to write speeches and execute them out well. He played on people’s emotions with his powerful speeches that would always talk of restoring Germany to its former glory, and those speeches would fuel patriotism and devotion to Hitler and to the German Government. From a geographic perspective, Hitler wanted a policy called “lebensraum” or living space which he thought justified annexing neighboring countries so that the German population could increase. This angered the Allied nations, and they formed a policy called appeasement. They chose appeasement because it was better for the countries to give into Hitler’s demands than just get dragged into another war. This policy made Hitler want more and more land until he invaded Poland on September 2, 1939. From a political perspective, Hitler purposely violated the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty was signed in 1918 to end World War 1, and it blamed Germany for the war, and also it specifically said that Germany couldn’t form a union with Austria, and Germany couldn’t have an army. Hitler believed that he could violate if he pleased. He decided to form a union in 1938 with Austria and began to secret built up the German army to its original glory. This made the Allies mad about Hitler violating the treaty; they would wait to wage war until Hitler invaded Poland. In conclusion, the main cause of World War 2 is the rise of Adolf Hitler because he persuaded the citizens of Germany and mesmerized...
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