Causes of World War I

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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In our past there has been many wars that has happened. Even till this day there are wars going on but one real major important war that has happened is World War I. I mean yeah a war is a was, but World War I had many things happening. Their were four major causes for World War I were militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.

One of the major causes of the World War I was militarism. Militarism was in this war in many ways. Their was glorification of war increased military spending. In document 1 “The Origins of the First World Was” by Emile Zola, the main idea of her document was war is necessary, I came up with the conclusion of the document by the quote “war is the school of discipline, sacrifice, and courage”. In document 7 “London times History” by Richard Overy it concludes as a source of militarism by the main idea being about the growth in armaments.

Another major cause of World War I was alliances. In World War I there were two groups of alliances during World War I. the first group is called Triple Alliances which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The second group was named Triple Entent which included France, Russia, and Great Britain. In document three “European Alliances 1914” the whole main idea I got by looking at the map provided is about how Europe was divided. Also in document ten “Freheit Der Meere” the main idea was that the map provided showed where all the countries traveled in Great Britain also another name provided for this map was “The British Octopus”.

The third important cause of World War I was imperialism which is basically a competition for colonies. In World War I the competition for colonies stirred up mistrust among European nations. In World War I imperialism was basically everywhere particularly in Germany and Italy. Also imperialism was often justified through cultural reasons. An example would be Britain believed that it was the country’s duty to “civilize” or savage culture in Africa and Asia....
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