Causes of World War One

Topics: World War I, United Kingdom, World War II Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Identify and explain the four main long term causes of World War I. Choose one and explain how it could have been prevented. The four main long term causes of World War I were militarism, nationalism, imperialism and entangling alliances. * Militarism is the establishment of military forces. Many European nations took part in militarism before the beginning of World war I. Countries did not want other countries to surpass them in their level of weaponry and military advancements. Some nations like Great Britain wanted to maintain armies that were stronger than two countries combined. Germany also became threatening as their military strength grew. The competiveness of these countries’ militaries made war something that could not be avoided. * Imperialism was also a long term cause of WWI. It was the expansion of a nation through their domination of the political, social and economic life of another country. These colonized nations provided raw materials for the home nation and an outlet for manufactured goods. Nations kept expanding and expanding their territory led to a growth in power and wealth. It became clear that colonization was profitable, and conflicts arose as territory became less and less available. Countries competed for control of this territory and this competition played a major part in causing the Great War. * Nationalism was another cause of World War I. This feeling of patriotism and loyalty to one’s country was brought about by a similar historical and cultural background. This idea of nationalism led to the uniting of different ethnic groups, who broke away from larger nations to form smaller ones. In areas where ethnic groups are mixed, conflict arose; each group wanted independence. As these diverse groups continued to desire freedom from their countries, war became inevitable. * Entangling alliances was also a cause of WWI. Countries involved in alliances thought that were more powerful and stronger than other nations. Prince...
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