Causes of World War 1

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Causes of World War II

World War II was the most disastrous war ever fought in our world’s history, but one question arises in the minds of many is, what caused this most devastating war man has ever experienced? President Woodrow Wilson stated that World War I had been fought for peace and democracy, but this peace had not lasted long. After World War I, delegates of the battling nations met at Paris to discuss terms upon which peace could be maintained, but the addressed terms did not serve its purpose but implanted the seeds of revenge and hatred in the hearts of many German citizens. They were forced to accept that World War I was entirely their fault. This gave the rise to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, as German citizens wanted someone to destroy their symbol of humiliation and loss; the Treaty of Versailles, since the government of Germany at that time was incapable of doing so. European leaders underestimating the capability of Hitler and wanting to avoid another war at any cost gave in to his demands and requests or embraced the policy of Appeasement. The causes of World War II have a number of important and significant contributors towards it. The Treaty of Versailles which set up a foundation for all of Hitler’s irrational actions and the policy of Appeasement adopted by the European leaders at that time, served as the major causes for World War II. The Treaty of Versailles was a major blow at Germany as it disagreed to all of the fourteen points proposed by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. This set a spark for the war as it agitated and angered the Germans. After the Great War, representatives of the warring nations met at Paris to discuss terms upon which peace could be maintained. President Wilson had suggested 14 points which asserted that no revenge would be taken on countries that had lost the World War I and therefore ensuring peace. But, the French wanted revenge, they wanted to ensure that Germany would never again be a...
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