Causes of the War of 1812

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15 January 2013
The Causes of the War of 1812
What is thought to be a main cause of a war? Territory and religion are big causes of the wars today. The war of 1812 was when war broke out again between the United States and Britain. There are three main causes that led to the war of 1812, Impressment, the British Incitement with the Indians, and the war hawks. Although there may be other factors that one may say caused the war, these topics are the major causes, and are what impacted America. In this essay I will explain the causes in detail and provide you with a greater understanding of the causes of the war of 1812.

The issue of impressment and the interference of trade are both what caused the war of 1812.One of the main issues between the United States and Britain was because of blockades that were used to seal up Britain’s ports and prevent ships from entering or leaving. Because of the blockade Britain seized more than 1,000 American ships and confiscated their cargo. Also the embargo act affected the trade between the two countries, because it put a ban on exporting products to other countries. The US thought this act would make the British honor American neutrality, but it actually backfired and hurt the US more than it did to Britain. The ban was lifted on foreign trade in 1809, except with Britain and France. Impressment was the practice of seizing US ships and drafting them into the British navy. America focused their anger on the British because of impressment. The British viewed impressment as a gain for their navy, they needed more man power to fight in war. America was angry the practice of impressment, and they feared if they lost they would lose independence. The irony of the issue of impressment as a cause for the war was, that two days before we went to Britain, they lifted the British policy of impressment but it was no longer an issue. Another cause of the war of 1812 was the British incitement with the Indians. Tecumseh...
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