Causes of the Revolt (1857)

Topics: India, Indian Rebellion of 1857, Mumbai Pages: 4 (738 words) Published: December 16, 2011

The Religious Cause

1. Almost from the beginning of the British rule, the Christian missionaries tried to preach Christianity among the people.

2.They established schools at many places, through preaching and education began to draw the Indian towards to Christianity as best as they could.

3. Those Hindus who embraced Christianity was not allowed to inherit their paternal property.

4. The enemies of the English spread rumors that in order to destroy religion of the Hindus the British mixed the powder of the animal bones in the salt.

5. It was also circulated that the flesh of pigs and cows was thrown into wells. The religious sentiments of Muslims and Hindus were greatly hurt by such stories.


1. Lord Dalhousie caused widespread resentment among the Indian rulers and their subjects by aggressively expanding his state and annexing native Indian states

2. He annexed states of satara nagpur and jhansi by applying the doctrine of lapse

3. NANA SAHEB was denied a pension after his father's death. He was the son of Peshwa Baji rao II

4. Bahadur Shah's successor was denied the right to live at the red fort

5. He annexed Awadh, accusing the government of maladministration and shocking the nawab who was a faithful ally and the people of India

6. The British did not obey the treaties sometimes and they were broken according to the need of the British and the nawabs at that time could not trust any treaty at all.


The policy of economic exploitation by the British and widespread destruction of the traditional economic structure caused widespread resentment among Indian society.

1. The zamindari(land lord) system was introduced by the British and the peasants were exploited by them. They were often tortured or jailed when the peasants failed to pay the taxes

2. The landlords also were insecured and jagirs(lands) were confiscated when the taxes did not match the assigned...
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