Causes of the French Revolution

Topics: Louis XVI of France, Republic, Versailles Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: October 23, 2010
I disagree with the statement. The French Revolution was a period of time where great changes happened to France and generated profound effects. It was caused by many reasons, mainly the poor leadership of King Louis as he was indecisive and made many bad decisions that changed the course of France’s future. Moreover, he had inherited many problems of the previous kings and further aggravated the financial situation of France with his actions. Firstly, he had unintentionally caused the storming of the Bastilles, which in turn acted as a spring board for the revolution to turn violent and further develop. His poor leadership and indecisiveness caused him to listen to bad advice, spurring his decision to sending troops to Paris. By sending troops into Paris as a form of counter-revolution, King Louis raised the suspicion of the people in Paris and they were and afraid of the revolution being thwarted. Hence, this caused the storming of the Bastille which served as symbol of the end of tyranny and also a catalyst for the people to realize that they had the power to change things, inevitably resulting in King Louis’s loss of power. Had King Louis not send troops to Paris, the storming of the Bastilles which was a pivotal point in the French Revolution may not have happened and the revolution itself may not have carried on. Therefore, King Louis’s actions had profound effects to the French Revolution. Without him, the revolution would definitely not develop and thus, he was the main cause of the Revolution. Secondly, King Louis actions had contributed significantly to the financial crisis met by France. His poor leadership, as shown through his extravagant spending even though his country was in debt as well as his inability to alleviate the financial crisis, caused the revolution to occur. He had inherited the debts of his predecessors, resulting in a severe national debt. The Seven Year War with Britain as well as the American War had caused France to go into...
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