Causes of the French Revelution

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Causes of the French Revolution

As with most things in the history, it is unwise to trace this happening back to one main cause. The French Revolution, like all things studied in European history, can be accredited to multiple causation. However, narrowing it down to three simple categories is indeed fair. The social structure, distaste in politics, and economic unrest of the time period leading up to the French Revolution were strong enough forces to cause an upheaval.

Unrest in the social structure of the time is considered a main cause of the French Revolution. The situation socially became one of aristocracy, as the nobles and the clergy took presided over the bourgeoisie. The focus became completely unbalanced and the lower classes were not content. This can truly be seen as the beginning of a revolution as the women played a huge role in the roots. The women became a fearful and driving force as never before, and the noblemen grew terrified not only of general Revolution, but women leading it.

Politically, this revolution is considered by some to be an “undermining of the absolutism of Louis XIV.” The political situation in France was indeed one with a focus on absolutism, and this structure limits the independence of the masses. As it is clear throughout history, placing limits onto a strong majority is never a good idea, and usually ends with an uprising of a sort.

The economic situation in France prior to the Revolution did not leave much to be desired. After the Seven Years War, the monarchy was in incredible debt and the economy was suffering. This debt only increased as the French aided the United States in its Revolution against the British. As a result, Louis XV and Louis XVI levied ridiculous taxes onto the bourgeoisie merely to support the wealthy aristocracy, which obviously angered the people and lead to Revolution.

While the causes of the French Revolution are certainly not simple, they can be looked at most...
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