Causes of the Civil War

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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* Causes of the Civil War
Long Term Causes
* Social, Cultural Divide between North and South
* Economic Divide between North and South
* Political Divide between North and South: Collapse of Political System: Inability to Compromise * Slavery
Causes of the Civil War:
Long Term Causes
(from Colonial Times)
* 1. Social and Cultural Divide between North and South
* North: more urbanized, more diverse, more developed, more advanced infrastructure / transportation / communication systems, more cosmopolitan, more dynamic, more religious, greater emphasis on education, families….. * South more rural, less diverse, less urbanized, less developed, plantations dictated social development…. * Causes of the Civil War:

Long Term Causes
* 2. Economic Differences
* North more industrialized: more merchants, traders, shippers, manufacturing: more diverse economy: based on wage labor: supported Tariffs, BUS * South based on Plantation economy of tobacco at first and now Cotton: based on slave labor: suspicious of Tariffs and BUS * Causes of the Civil War:

Long Term Causes
* 3. Political Divide between North and South
* Historically, North placed more emphasis on Federalism, power of Federal Government and the Elastic Clause: Hamilton, Adams, Webster…1.8.18, BUS, Tariffs * South placed more emphasis on States Rights and Amendment 10: Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Calhoun, 10th Amendment * North was more Democratic, South more Aristocratic.. * Causes of the Civil War:

Long Term Causes
* 4. Slavery
“Slavery was not the only source of discord. The two sections were very different and they wanted different things from their national government…Although there were serious differences between the sections, all of them except slavery could have been settled through the democratic process. Slavery poisoned the whole situation. It was the issue that could not be compromised, the issue that made men so angry they did not want to compromise

…It was not the only cause of the Civil War, but it was unquestionably the one cause without which the war would not have taken place. The antagonism between the sections came finally, and tragically, to express itself through the slavery issue.” (Bruce Catton, The Civil War) * Causes of the Civil War:

Immediate Causes
* Events of the 1850s, esp. after 1854, intensified these differences (Social / Cultural, Economic, Political, differences over Slavery) and further polarized North and South, propelling the Nation to Civil War in 1861 * Causes of the Civil War

Short Term / More Immediate
Events of the 1850s intensified these differences and further polarized North and South
a. Details on Each Event:
b. Impact of Each / How did Each one Contribute to causing the Civil War * 1. Fugitive Slave Law - of the Compromise of 1850…review Compromise of 1820 and 1850 * 2. Abolitionist novel: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1852….and other reactions to the Fugitive Slave Law * 3. Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 ….

* 4. Formation of anti-extension Republican Party in 1854 * 5. Kansas: Rival Legislatures: 1855…Shawnee v Topeka
* 6. Bleeding Kansas and John Browne, 1855… Pottawatomie Massacre (after Lawrence attacks) * 7. Sumner vs Brooks (Butler), Senate, 1855
* 8. The Dred Scott v Sanford Decision, 1857
* 9. Kansas and “Lecompton Constitution”, 1857…split Democratic Party even more…..Buchanan * 10. The Economic Crisis / “Panic” of 1857
* 11. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates / “Freeport Doctrine”, 1858 * 12. John Browne and Harper’s Ferry, 1859
* 13. Lincoln’s victory in the Presidential Election of Nov. 1860 * 14. Events at Fort Sumter, April 1861
* 1. Opposition of Northern Public to new Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 * Part of Compromise of 1850
* Look back to Missouri Compromise of 1820 – at all three Compromises * Attempts to Compromise on...
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