Causes of Teenage Smokinh

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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* . "SMOKING"Smoking is injurious to health .But still its addiction is increasing very rapidly .This topic reallyinterests me that why do teenagers and students start smoking?.Even when they know that it isnothing good but injurious to health . Many teenagers start smoking because of physiologicalproblems, social problems and their life styles.INTRODUCTION:-Every one dislikes smokers, but no one tries to know why did they start smoking. Truth is thatsociety is responsible for this habit. It may be ignorance, parental attitude, peer pressure, burdenof study etc. In my research I tried to find why teens still smoke in spite of all the warning andknowledge , that it is injurious to health. Many people begin smoking when they are teenagers torelief their stress; they found it in a pack of cigarette. Ninety percent of smokers start smoking ator before 18 (Evans, 2006) . Approximately 3,000 teens will smoke their first cigarette, today. Ofthose teens, 1,000 will end up dying as a result of smoking. The majority of people who smokewish they had never started it. In my survey when i asked questions to teens , majority said: Itrelaxes me, It keeps me thin and I can quit any time I want.PHYSIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS:-The reasons why most teenagers begin to smoke deal mostly with physiological problems. Thereare many type of physiological problem like following : * 2. 1. IGNORANCE EFFECT:-If teens cannot get attention from their parents, love and friends they will try to get attention bysmoking (Teens and Smoking Tobacco , 2005). Teens that are ignored or are not accepted into agroup of peers often turn to cigarettes. Even with all the awareness of the harmful effects ofsmoking. Teenagers sometimes feel that they will eventually quit before anything happens tothem even though 50 percent of adult smokers started before they turned 18, according to theAmerican Lung Association website (Teens and Smoking Tobacco , 2005). 2. SELF MEDICINE TO IMPROVE MOOD:-Some teens use cigarettes to self-medicate. But it isn’t well-known whether using cigarettes toimprove mood or functioning is associated with changes in depressive symptoms. Cigarettetemporary decreases stress level and improve mood but it have long term effects on teenagers. Itincreases depression (Cigarette Habit and Depression in Teens who Smoke, Sep 2010). 3. DEPRESSION:-When teenagers get depressed and wants relief from stress, they find it in a pack of cigarette(Gill, Despite Serious Consequences, Teens Still Start Smoking, 2004). To reduce stress Teensget worried about their appearance, their feelings, and their roles. They must continuously dealwith their emerging sexuality, independence and personal values (Gill, Despite SeriousConsequences, Teens Still Start Smoking, 2004). All this uncertainty, as well as the attempts ofestablishing their own independent identities and generating complex emotional, physical andpsychological turbulence in their day to day lives. Presence or absence of adequate, non-drugways of coping with various mood issues (feeling tense, sad, angry, and bored, etc.) increaseschances to use tobacco to change their mood and feel relaxing (Sep 2007). Many teens report * 3. they smoke because it makes them feel better when theyre under stress; when theyre tense,angry or worry.SOCIAL PROBLEMS:- People began smoking socially (at parties, after going out to eat, etc.)with no intention of becoming addicted. They may have started by only smoking cigarettes thataddicted smokers offered to them in social situations, justifying it with statements like “well, aslong as I’m not buying my own and smoke all the time, it’s okay.” While some people can pullthis off, others cannot, and for them social smoking is just a greased chute leading to full-blownaddiction. Following are some social problems for which teenagers start smoking: 1.PARENTAL INFLUENCE:-The family is full of energy in providing best conditions for the growth and health of children.Love and affection are...
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