Causes of Social Breakdown

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So what are the summary paper’s defining features, you ask? The summary paper is: * About something really important The summary paper exists to feed into a meeting; if someone’s called a meeting hopefully the subject matter is sufficiently important to warrant having everyone in the same room not doing other work. * Broad Include at least a brief context or history about the topic to bring readers to the same level and quickly address any knowledge gaps. * Specific With the context out of the way, the remainder of the paper should be exactingly specific—as always, qualify and quantify wherever possible and prefer well conceived charts, diagrams, and images that can stand on their own or at least significantly augment the text. Most importantly, the summary report should be about one single thing and that subject must inform the entire report; if something isn’t relevant to the main subject, it belongs in a different summary report. Specificity in many cases equates to authoritativeness. * Short The whole point is to create something approachable and easy to digest between tasks or on the train ride home. No one really cares about what you do but they care event less about that fifty pager no one will ever read because they don’t have the time or interest. Shortness is goodness because a short summary paper is also easy to adapt to changing information; when it comes time to discuss the paper in a meeting it’s easy to say “let’s take five minutes to read through this document.” Simply put, a short paper is more likely to get read. Assume your readers already know something about the subject. Aim for one to four pages and print it double-sided. * Enticing Print in colour and come up with a precise title that tells the reader exactly what the document is about. * Textual Use bullet points and tables for short lists and data. The summary paper is meant to be read so write sentences and paragraphs grouped under headings. Avoid complex tables,...
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