Causes of Serial Killers

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Causes of Serial Killers
“A girl was found dead in the woods,” “A serial killer strikes again!” We constantly hear in the media out citizens getting murdered in our surroundings. Sometimes a quick death and sometimes a tragic slow death like Kelly Marry on Friday, November 9, 1888. Kelly was killed by having her throat slashed and her head almost separated from her body. The police written in “Asesinos Seriales las Cronicas del Horror” (Serial Killers the Chronics of Horror) by Andrea B. Pesce states, “El higado y los intestinos…estaban colgados entre los pies de la victima.” (Her liver and her intestines were hanging from the victims legs.) (Pg.74). Kelly Marry is just one of the victims from many serial killers that have existed for many centuries. Franze Joseph Gall is one of the first scientists to bring up a theory to why serial killers kill. His theory has evolved over time and scientists have come up with many causes to why serial killers kill. Three main causes of the reasons are killing for pleasure, killing for psychological and for monetary benefits. Killing for pleasure means killing for sexual pleasure while psychological killers have a mental problem for example schizophrenia and killers who kill for benefits kill for the money. Serial killers have many causes to why they kill but the three main reasons are for pleasure, psychological problems and benefits.

Pleasure is an essential part in human life. We eat our favorite food, socialize with others, participate in sports, etc. to achieve pleasure. Among humans there are people that get pleasure in a bizarre way and hurtful to our society. Looking for lust pleasure is one of the causes that serial killers kill. Serial killers kill to gain pleasure of some sort. This pleasure can be separated in two kinds: sexual pleasure and plain pleasure of having control over a person’s life. Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo is an example of a killer who got sexual pleasure in killing his victims. Andrei had a...
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