Causes of Prostitution

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Causes of Prostitution
Social issues have been present since the early days of Adam and Eve. They have never stopped multiplying and are facing actually an exponential worsening. Solving them all at once would be surely the hardest goal to achieve; however, facing each issue separately would be the best solution. Social issues have become countless, complex, and are featuring actually over a million topics; most of them being kept taboo. One of the most talked about taboo these days is actually the oldest profession ever exercised by humans: Prostitution. As we all know, prostitution is a sexual activity in exchange for financial gain being either a willing practice or a forced one. It has been expanding over the years with the goal of acquiring legalization all over the world. The effects of prostitution on the society are severely harmful justifying the need to abolish it. Therefore, in order to facilitate the vanishing of this uncontrollable practice, the causes leading to its expansion should be deducted and exposed clearly. Prostitution has many identifiable causes that are related either to the mentality, to the economic situation or to the social environment of the prostitute.

First of all, one of the main factors leading to prostitution is psychological since the tendency towards it is found only in a minor section of the population. Actually, sexual aggression is an incident whose frequency is increasing over time and leading to the expansion of prostitution. In fact, O’Neill (2001) argues that many adolescent girls have suffered from physical violence and repulsive male submission either from a stranger or from an acquaintance; and that this has pushed them into prostitution with the intention of regaining trust and confidence (pp.91-93). Moreover, Crowley’s research reveals that 85% of young prostitutes testify the absence of their father and/or their mother throughout their childhood (Flowers, 1998, p.83). As a result, they have been victims of a substantial lack of care and affection; one which they hope to compensate for through prostitution. In parallel, infancy is revealed to be the most sensitive period in any person’s life considering its brittle nature and the fact that it can be affected by the merest of events. Furthermore, “prostitution depends on personality rather than personality upon prostitution” (“Prostitution”, 1957, p.399). Accordingly, Freud enlightens the idea that women who engage in prostitution show an inherent lack of confidence and a continuous feeling of being dominated by men (Flowers, 1998, p.24). This is why prostitution is considered a refuge for young girls who suffer from a weak character and a lack of closeness with others. In addition, Macleod (2006) points out that prostitution is implicated when solitude, desertion and ennui are extremely troubling a person’s life making it the only way out with a seductive offer of good care, enthusiasm and self-sustainment (para.3). However, prostitution isn’t always the result of a human behavior determined by a disturbed infancy but it could be also due to a genetically inherited disorder. As said by Flowers (1998), many investigations discovered that prostitutes usually have mental illnesses whose high severity could lead to permanent psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, a case frequently followed by suicide (pp.24, 28-29). Finally, some girls consider prostitution an ordinary job because they belong to a family and a culture in which it is acceptable. This enormously affects their perception of sex trade making them more apt to be engaged in it. And given that “frigidity is far from universal among prostitutes” (“Prostitution”, 1957, p.399) these women continue to be more convinced in their wrong convictions and beliefs concerning prostitution. However, searching for pure psychological causes remains unreliable since prostitution could just be a matter of choice. On the other hand, a different cause leading to prostitution...
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