Causes of Poor Housing in Malawi

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Shelter is one of the man’s basic needs after food and clothes. Unfortunately, most Malawians have no access to decent housing. It is a fact that life minus a decent house is incomplete. Most Malawians migrate to the cities, especially Blantyre city which happens to be the most congested city in Malawi. This becomes a problem because you find that slums start developing in cities that are supposed to show the beauty of the nation. Most Malawians who live in rural areas migrate to urban areas in search of better job prospects, education, and health facilities in order to improve their lives and feed their families. Since they cannot afford a decent home, they end up living in slums because it is the only type of settlement that is affordable and accessible to them in cities where competition for land and profits is intense. Slum development continues to be at an increase because of urbanisation and industrialisation. It is for this reason that there is need to advocate for change on the issue of poor housing and accommodation in Malawi more especially in urban areas for it is the desire for every urban dweller to live in a house that is affordable and habitable (Kalipeni, E., 1993). Most people in rural areas work in the agricultural sector, which is highly dependent on weather. Also, rural land is limited, its fertility sometimes low or declining, land holdings are small, farm debts are high, and many households have become landless. As a result, overall rural incomes are low. Urban migration is often a survival strategy for rural households. Sometimes, rural households split into several groups located in different places—rural areas, small towns, and big cities—in order to diversify their sources of income and be less vulnerable to economic downturns (Blij H.J., 1999). Causes of poor housing

Current urban planning systems in many parts of the world, more especially in developing countries such as Malawi, are ill equipped to deal with major urban challenges...
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