Causes of Politics in India

Topics: Poverty, Political corruption, Wealth Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Causes of Political Changes in India

Why is it necessary to have peace, contentment, unity and diversity in a social system? I am talking about the political system in the country named India. The political world is under a great threat by the enormously educated and enthusiastic people in the society when they realized that there is no truth and purity in the management. A revolution on fire is seen in today’s circumstances. The society is tremendously affected by the political world and hence there arise many reasons for certain changes in the political system in India.

Poverty is a great cause which has significantly shaken the political system in the society. Globally, India falls below poverty line category, which is $1.25 per person per day income. Poverty line means that they cannot meet the conditions of basic requirement of food, clothing and shelter. Their income level is so low that they cannot afford to eat on a regular basis and suffer from malnutrition. India has the second largest population in the world. Among 1.2 billion people, half belongs to poorer section of the society. The ratio of tolerable standard of living is going higher every individual year and no action has been taken by the government since long. However, economically India is doing well, but the government people are not allowing the poor people to participate in the growth. Welfare organizations run by some political leaders have never taken positive steps toward the poor people in the society. The poor people are becoming poorer and the rich people are becoming richer. The government organizes international events, spending lots of money but they never organize any kind of event for the below poverty line people to promote them in the society. Hence, these kinds of activities gradually developed an outrageous step by the young generations against the political system.

Corruption is another aspect that common people are tired of facing. It is very common in school these...
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