Causes of Peer Pressure

Topics: High school, College, Adolescence Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Reasons for peer pressure

Peer pressure is the strong influence that friends of our own have upon us. As we grow, we will feel pressure by our peers to make choices that we don’t really like or that are unsafe. Peer pressure is often thought of as something that only affects young people, especially teenagers. In fact, peer pressure impacts people of all ages, and in various aspects of their lives.

First, as we all know, senior high school students are always the busiest person in our society. They spend a lot of time in studying everyday because of college entrance examination. They have high study pressure, which from many aspects like schools, parents, other students and themselves. These pressures can make them helpless especially when their self-control is weak or they lack healthy support, causing them to take risky behavior or to turn to unhealthy support.

On the other hand, most of the time we think about peer pressure as something that exists in high school. Yet peer pressure doesn’t end when we graduate and is a very real and potentially more influential force with students who are in colleage.Colleage students are often obsessed by peer pressure from their classmates or schoolmates. Facing others’ hard work and good performance in academic, whether to find a boyfriend (girlfriend) or not and other aspects, many students feel great pressure. Besides, since graduates lack experience and competition among graduates grows more bitter and bitter, most college students have many difficulties in looking for good jobs.

Finally, peer pressure also about working. Nowadays with the competition in the work field becoming more and more fierce, work pressure has become a serious problem for every person. Work pressure is closely relevant to worries about setback, failure, promotion, salary. And nowadays, there is a tendency that more and more people work harder to make money in order to purchase car and house, so money has become a standard...
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