Causes of Mass Failure in English Language in Some Schools

Topics: English language, Teaching English as a foreign language, Secondary education Pages: 11 (3806 words) Published: March 23, 2013
ISSN 2039‐2117                       Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences                    Vol 3 (1) January 2012 

Causes of rising failure of the students’ in the subject of English at Secondary Level Gulap Shahzada
(Corresponding & Principal author) Institute of Education & Research University of Science & Technology, Bannu, Pakistan

Dr. Safdar Rehman Ghazi
Institute of Education & Research University of Science & Technology, Bannu, Pakistan

Dr. Umar Ali Khan
Director Institute of Education & Research Gomal University DIKhan, Pakistan

Doi: 10.5901/mjss.2012.03.01.603
Abstract Purpose of this research was to find out causes of rising failure of the students’ in the subject of English at Secondary Level. This study was descriptive in nature. All the male secondary schools in district Bannu constituted population of this study. From 50 secondary schools 100 English teachers were randomly selected as a sample of the study. A questionnaire for secondary school teachers was developed to collect data. To analyze and interpret data, simple percentage was used. Results of the study showed that majority of the respondents approved that teacher of English are not qualified and well trained, teachers of English do not teach English in a proper manner, Audio- Visual aids are not used in English class, The course is not compatible to the present time, teachers of linguistics are not present in our schools, English is given importance in the annual progress of the students in school. It was recommended that Qualified and well trained teachers may be appointed for English, teachers of English may use modern teaching method instead of traditional methods, Audio visual aids may be used such as language lab, gramophone, English course may be made compatible to the present time, Teachers may be encouraged to get linguistics knowledge. Keywords: English language, Audio, Visual aids, Communication, International

1. Introduction The kind of Education, offered to their people by the countries of the world is always related to their progress and advancement. The more the people of societies are Educated, the more they are civilized and well disciplined. It is a fact –universally recognized, that Education is the prime key to moral, cultural, political and socio-economic development of a nation. Islam being a revolutionary faith made it obligatory on every man and woman to acquire knowledge and exerted them undertake long and tedious journey to distant land in search of it. Emphasizing the importance of Education and learning in Islam it is enough to note that the first revelation of the Prophet was “Read in the name of thy Lord who created”. It is through Education that a person gets an insight to understand and resolve his problems as well as those of his society (Government of Pakistan, 1998).


ISSN 2039‐2117                       Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences                    Vol 3 (1) January 2012 

Secondary Education is considered to be an important sub sector of the entire Education system. If it provides middle level workers for the economy on one hand, and on the other, it acts as a feeder for the higher level of Education. The quality of Higher Education depends upon the quality of secondary Education which is expected to produce high quality professionals in different fields of Social, Economic and Political life of the country. Thus Secondary level of Education therefore, requires to be organized in such a way that it should prepare young men and women for the pursuit of Higher Education, as well as make them able to adjust with their practical lives meaningfully and productively (Bhatti, 1987). An excellent opportunity is, therefore provided by four years of secondary education to the Educators and Educationists to conceive and launch programs which initiate the learners in to proper forms of behaviour and attitudes, which...
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