Causes of Juvenile Delinquency in Morocco

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  • Published : July 17, 2008
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Third world countries are continuously facing a tremendous quantity of problems, either economic, political or social. Social problems can have a quite big influence on a country like Morocco. Especially all those poor lost children in the dangerous and unwelcome streets, and the main causes of this saddening problem is mainly the fear of shame and poverty.

Religious and moral ethics faces hidden love and affection in a big clash. One of the most concrete causes of juvenile delinquency relates to illegal couples abandoning their new-borns, fearing the embarrassing and shameful gossip this event can engender. Thus, abandoning their illegal children to the streets seems the only solution. Another example would be the fathers or utterly coward persons, fleeing their responsibility and leaving the poor woman alone raising kids and bringing money back home. It is hard for a person to support this state for a long time. Extremely hard-time situations like this make the woman also abandon some of her children. Sad enough, but that’s how it goes.

The second most important cause of this social phenomenon is the overall poverty level in Morocco. There can be the case where parents just can’t finance all the house needs anymore, as a matter of fact it’s the children themselves who run away. They think the situation just can’t be worse than it is. That is most of their thinking, all in all. Being poor and “free” (as they believe they will be) is better than being poor inside four walls.

The consequences of those two causes are quite alarming and revolting.

The first and most concrete consequence of juvenile delinquency is the sensible decrease of the overall security ( of a region, town, etc…) Those careless children, as they begin growing, need money to live. And as they as desperate, violence and thieving are their only way out in this world. Since no one cares for them, they care about themselves by themselves. However, in a more wide and wise point of view,...
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