Causes of Happiness

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October 25, 2012

The Causes of Happiness

Most people around the world are always looking for happiness. The way to find happiness is always different in each other. Every person has different ways to get their happiness. There was a story about a guy that found happiness by marrying a girl that he met on the internet. This story was famous years ago because at that time the internet was not a common way to meet people and marry them. Another example of happiness that is in special for soccer players is the possibility to go to the world cup of soccer. The world cup is one of the biggest events around the entire world. Every professional soccer player dreams to go at least one time to this amazing event. The best players of each country go to this event because they are going to represent his country. These types of stories typically show us that happiness could be found it in any place and circumstance. So now I will give you three of the most common causes to find the happiness.

One cause of happiness for many people is the fact to get the best job of his life. Have a good job and good salary is very important. Because of have a good job it is that makes you happy and gives you a best quality of life. The environment of work is an important factor. For example, colleagues who are working around have big effects to workers. Workers will always feel happy when they work with the coworkers who are kind. Furthermore, those colleagues can easily help the workers at work or even at their life, whenever they have problems that are difficult to solve. Another factor is the place of work. Workers always feel happy if they work in the best condition. For example, a large office with a nice decoration could make them happy.

Another cause of happiness is winning the lottery. Some people think that money doesn’t give you happiness but I think that it is false. It is false because when you win the lottery you can have enough money to support your family. There...
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