Causes of Getting Low Grades

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Mostafa Alhakim
ESL 185, MW
November 21, 2011
Cause and Effect Essay: Final Draft
Causes of Getting Low Grades
Getting low grades is common for students at school but the causes are very important to determine why they are failing or getting these low grades. There are three causes why students get low grades: they work after school, they have to take care of their siblings, and they don’t know how to spend time wisely.

First of all, some students have work after school. Some of them need to work to get money to afford family’s living, so they must have to work. and some other students work so they can just pay for their school materials or their classes and such, since it’s really expensive to get into classes in school these days, therefore; paying money is required to get in, for example, students may have to work because their parents are divorced, or their mom or dad can not support their kid, so the student’s responsibility has to be getting money for their family.

Secondly, students have to take care of their siblings after coming back from school, time fly fast so they cannot get a chance to study or do their homework. They also have to clean up after their siblings, which could take a lot of time. And some parents take until mid-night to get home because both parents work, so the students have to stay watching kids which makes it harder for them to make their own time.

Finally, Students are spending time unwisely. Most students spend too much time on the computer, and then forget to do their homework or study. They also go out with their friends to watch movies or to shop. So when they come back, they realize that they have to sleep because they do not have time. They also spend time by playing video games or texting for hours on the phone which also leads to wasting time instead of doing work for school.

In conclusion, having all that in life can effect students in negative way at school, which can lead to failing class...
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