Causes of Dui in America

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Zach Meyer

Causes of DUI in America
Have you ever thought about why there are so many DUIs in America? There are so many reasons as to why DUIs occur so much. Some of these reasons include people not knowing their limit, people’s age, and not having any public transportation to get around. All three of these reasons are huge factors in people getting DUIs. Every year there are very 200,000 dui arrests in just California alone. If you take all 50 states together that could be millions of DUIs every year. The average cost of the first dui someone gets is around 10,000 dollars. That is a ridiculous amount of people getting arrested every year. Another huge that some people don’t realize is that when drinking and driving it’s not just your life on the line it’s also all the other people out driving on the roads as well. The biggest factor that is associated with a DUI would be people not knowing their limit and thinking that they can get behind the wheel after a few drinks.

There are so many people in the United States that don’t even know what the legal limit is to drive after drinking. The actual limit for an adult is 0.08 and for a minor it can vary. Some states go by a no tolerance rule that you can’t have any alcohol at all. In others it is a 0.02 and the cops give a little leeway. Many things factor into a person getting behind the wheel of their car and driving after they have drank a beer. One of these factors is a male verse a female. Usually a man weighs more and can handle more alcohol than a woman can. Thus being able to drink more and still be okay under the legal limit. Also if you are underage you really can’t drink anything and drive because of the 0 tolerance and 0.02 drinking level rules. Cops will give you a breathalyzer test as soon as they think you have been drinking. Everyone has the right to refuse it but if you do you are subject to losing your license automatically as well as the police doing blood work on you to see if they...
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