Causes of Divorce

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony Pages: 3 (388 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Cause and Effect Essay Outline

A. Hook
1. Grab reader's attention on topic

2. Specific background information to lead into the thesis

B. Thesis statement
1. Outline your key points in one sentence
Some of the causes of divorce can be from having financial struggle, lack of communication, or just having simple loss of interest.

A. Cause/effect point 1
1. Topic sentence
Many married couples end up divorce because they struggle from not having enough money or they simple fight over their finances.

2. Example/fact
When it came time to pay bills, buy groceries, my ex-husband and I would fight for hours because we would not have enough money.

3. Explain how example/fact proves idea (topic sentence)

We were not financially stable due to one parent working in the household and it lead to having insufficient money in my home. In result, this was one of the issues that lead us to divorce.

4. Transitional sentence Although, our financial struggle was a huge factor for the divorce, lack of communication between us two soon happen thereafter.

B. Cause/effect point 2
1. Topic sentence
Every marriage requires some or a lot of communication, without communication there is no marriage.

2. Example/fact
There would be times my ex-husband would totally ignore the fact I existed. When he came home from work during the week, he would walk in the house, go straight to the refrigerator and grab a beer. Next, he would say loudly, “I’m home”, like the walls could talk back to him. Then I could hear him from our bedroom turn the television on, and sit there for hours straight before even making any eye contact with...
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