Causes of Depression

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Causes of Depression
Depression is a psychological disorder when the human being has negative thoughts and behaviors due to low mood caused by stress, overwork, or any other events. Among doctors depression is seen as an illness or disorder. When depression occurs, one might also have headache, slow speech, feel pain through entire body, digestion problems, and problems with sex. Depression happens to people of any age; every person experiences it differently. An old-age person with depression may feel confused in understanding, whereas the youngsters feel down, have mood swing, and feel tired and overloaded. It is also a condition where people blame themselves mercilessly for everything that happens whether it is really connected to them or not (Credo Reference,par.1).Depression happens for many reasons, but the main causes usually are stress, conflict, social group, insomnia, along with environmental (social) settings, hereditary, and bi-polar disorder. To begin with, depression can be defined as the disorder or the state of mind in which people do not feel like doing things or seeing other people. In this condition people do not have willingness to deal with things going on in their lives, and nothing matters to them. Depression has its own phases, which vary from willingly avoid problems and to the point where the person actually has suicidal thoughts. It is not a rare psychological disorder, rather many people suffer from it; however, defeating it is not an easy and fast thing to do. According to Credo Reference,” Depression is commonly used as a definition of an emotion like despondency, dejection or gloom. As a diagnosis, depression is part of a cycle or syndrome (also called a depressive illness) which used to be called melancholia because of its association with low spirits” (par.1). Psychologically, depression appears through some symptoms which come as the cause of many factors. It happens because of being overload with work, having stress, not...
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