Causes of Decline of Feudalism in Europe

Topics: Feudalism, Serfdom, Manorialism Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Feudalism was dominant in most parts of Europe for over seven centuries, however it reached it’s zenith during eleventh to thirteen century….. Though many of its institutions were survived till the end of the eighteenth century. There were several factors which led to the decline of feudal system. The holy roman empire , which came into existence during this period represented a force which kept in chek the evil tendencies of the german feudalism. The Papacy rendered valuable services in fighting against the lawlessness of the feudal system. It installed the institution of TRUCE OF GOD, which demanded protection for priests, merchants, peasants, women and pilgrims and forbade fighting on several days of the week. The feudal lords respecting the church’s order kept a check on their followers and made sure that they observed orders and should not disturb peace. The towns contributed to the decline of feudalism as they organized themselves into communes and leagues to deal with the feudal lords. initially , the towns men were all treated as serfs but with the development of trade and commerce , the towns became rich and obtained charters of freedom which basically made them independent from feudal controls. The development of new forms of warfare exposed the weakness of the older older feudal methods . The invention of gun power and fire arms was one of the chief factor responsible for the decline of feudalism. The growth of strong monarchies also contributed to its downfall. Powerful monarchs established the system of hereditary succession instead the system of election . In addition to this, the position of kings were further strengthened by the willing support of the common people. , and together they weekend the power and prestige of the feudal lords. The emergence of the theory of the divine right of kings gave a new stature of the position of the kings. Obedience to the king under this theory was a sacred duty. The increasing power of the...
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