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Causes of Crime

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Causes of Crime (An Institutionalized approach) Crime is one of the most disturbing human mischiefs whose effects have been felt at least in every corner of the world. It is characterized by activities such as murder, theft, rape terrorism and drug dealing among other heinous activities one can think of. The effects of crime are just but too frightening that people all over are concerned on what can be done in order to deal with the same. There are various approaches used both in the academic and practical world in order to see that the same is addressed. One of the approaches used is through the root cause analysis on why and how crime comes into existence in a so powerful way. Among the scholars who have come out to give an explanation to this are Rosenfeld and Messner through Millers et al book entitled Crime and Criminals. In their approach, they try to deviate from the long upheld belief that crime basically originates from an individual’s personal and naturalistic orientation to an institutionalized approach, where they see the institutions in place, such as the state, the political system and the education system as the main causes of crime. The discussion below tries to evaluate the ideas that Miller has put across as the root causes to crime, mainly in the United States of America. To begin with, when it is suggested that crime emanates from the big dreams that the Americans have, a few uncertainties about the truth of this position comes out. Naturally, every individual has a dream of some sort and there is no justification of turning back to crime when these dreams fail to come into reality. As cited in Crime and Criminals: Contemporary and Classic Readings in Criminology (Miller et al) Rosenfeld and Messner suggest that the best way of dealing with this situation is through “fundamental social reforms and …rethinking of the dream” (p 305). This kind of argument appears way...

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