Causes of Child Neglect

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Causes of Child Neglect
The cause of child neglect is not a big mystery. I think in our society people think that only poor children are neglect but children from wealthy family can be neglected as well. There are several ways that a child is neglected. The economic theory of neglect is one reason a child is neglected. This means that some children are abuse due to stress due to drug, loss of a job or any event that they cannot handle. The second reason for neglect is ecological theories of neglect this is due to the social economic of how well a family can get along with one another. This factor can be caused by a spouse not being supportive toward and family. This is where neglect comes in due to the family a not caring for a child because of the friction between the families. Last but not least personalistic theory of child neglect is due to a caretakers way of acting towards the child due to their own characteristics. I believe that poverty is the most concern when discussing child neglect because if a child is in a home where there is not clean, poor and run down then the child can will failure to strive. Most caretakers that neglect their children have poor morals and values and doesn’t care what happens. Neglect is turn over to the CAPTA-Child Abuse Prevention. Child abuse prevention describes neglect as an act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker, which result in death(p100). The purpose of CAPTA is the community base efforts to the family and to help prevent child neglect. CAPTA is to also foster an understanding, appreciation and knowledge of diverse population in order to better serve the community to help prevent child neglect. There is the American Bar Association Statement on CAPTA is used to help assist in research and information concerning child neglect. It also gives funding to aide in research and valuable information that will help fight child neglect. There are characteristics of parents and care takers that neglect their...
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