Causes of Car Accidents

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Causes of car accidents

Car accidents can happen to drivers anytime, anywhere. "According to the National Safety Council, which stated that more than 2.5 million collisions back every year, making it the most common type of car accidents, it is also known that the accident rear end as incidents of injury, because the nature of the collision leads often in whiplash injury the driver in the car in front and about 20% of people who participated in a rear collision injury symptoms of this kind. ", (NHTSA, Among the car accidents, the teenage group is the only age group who is number of deaths is increasing instead of decreasing. Also, all the people are exposed to risk and actually every one of them has got car accident at least once that could have been easily prevented. There are many reasons car accidents happen such as drunken drivers, using cellular phones while driving, and teenage drivers.

First reason is drinking and driving which is the leading cause of car accidents. "Over 1.41 million drivers were arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics", (Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Crime in the United States: 2010”, Also,” drunk driving costs the United States $132 billion a year ", (NHTS FARS data, 2012, Driving while intoxicated is dangerous, because drinking increases your inhibitions and self-confidence but lowers your driving performance. In other words, alcohol impairs the decision-making ability of the brain. For example, when people get drunk, they do not even think they are drunk. They may feel like they can do anything. But they cannot. Many accidents occur because of drinking. These accidents involve mostly one car, but other people can be killed by drunk drivers. People have to be educated about drinking and driving, so they do not kill themselves or innocent people on the road.

Second reason, using cell phones while driving causes car accidents. According to...
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