Causes of Cancer

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Cause and effect essay

Causes of cancer

In hundreds of made studies, it has been verified that the immunological system lets influence in the cancerous cells when a deficiency of basic nutriments or by the presence in the organism of cancerigenic elements. Such elements are known as mutgen, that can be physical agents, chemical or biological. Between the physical agents they are the ionizing radiations produced by x-rays, gas radon, cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiations of the Sun and some mineral fibers like the asbestos. Between the chemical mutagens they are: the benzopiren present in the heavy smoke of the cigarette and tar, nitritos, nitrosamins, metals as the lead, cadmium or mercury, hormones injected to the cattle, aflatoxins and others more. Between the biological ones they are certain bacteria and virus like the Virus of the Human Papilloma, the Epstein-Barr, the one of Hepatitis B and the Helicobacter pylori. Between the more important factors of risk they are: - the tobacco consumption or the exhibition to the smoke of himself, that is direct associate or indirectly yet type of cancers and other serious diseases. - the diet that probably is the factor of more important risk, since the high fat diets and fiber losses, is associated with the cancer of prostate, colon, rectum and others. - the excessive alcohol consumption, that is associated directly with the liver cancer, mouth, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, lung and sucks. - the obesity.

- the sedentarism.
- In the women the age of the first menstruation is a risk factor, since while more young person the present, greater is the risk. - the use of oral contraceptives or therapy hormone available. - genetic and hereditary Predisposition. Ethos is the main well-known causes that produce the cancerigenic cells in the human body.
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