Causes of Afib

Topics: Mitral valve prolapse, Valvular heart disease, Heart Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Causes Of Afib - When Does a Leaking Heart Valve Mean Heart Valve Surgery? It's good to bring this news to the public. however i feel this can be useful to you if you like me to share along with your friends to scan this nice article. Do you know about - When Does a Leaking Heart Valve Mean Heart Valve Surgery? ! Again, for I know. Ready to share new things that are useful. You and your friends. A leaking heart valve fortunately, does not always mean valve surgery. And, heart valve surgery, if it becomes necessary, does not always have to mean that you'll need an open-heart surgery. What I said. It just isn't the final outcome that the true about Causes Of Afib. You check this out article for info on that need to know is Causes Of Afib. About Causes Of Afib

We had a good read. For the benefit of yourself. Be sure to read to the end. I want you to get good knowledge from this experience. In fact, most people with a leaking valve disorder, are totally unaware of their valvular disease. Their mildly leaking valve condition goes undetected because it just never progresses to the point of needing treatment. Symptoms which might indicate that your leaking heart valve also called valve regurgitation is worsening to the point of needing some form of treatment are: unexplained fatigue, shortness-of-breath especially when you exert yourself, heart palpitations, an awareness of your heart beat, fluttery or irregular heart beat, chest pain also referred to as angina, dizziness or fainting, and swollen ankles or feet. The heart valves are made to move your blood through your heart in one direction. When there is valve leakage, the valve leaflets fail to close properly, and some of the blood is regurgitated backwards in the wrong direction. In severe heart valve leakage or regurgitation, the heart has to work much harder to re-pump the blood back through your heart and into your body. This "over-work" causes enlargement of the heart. If you begin to notice that your...
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