Causes for the fall of the old regime in Cuba

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  • Published: October 11, 2007
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Causes of the Fall of the Old RegimeTo what extent was the discontent of the people responsible for the fall of the old regime?The discontent of people in Cuba was, to a very large extent, responsible for the fall of the old regime. The old regime which lasted between 1940 and 1952 became increasingly corrupt as time wore on; Fulgencio Batista was at the head of this regime. His rule progressively brought on discontent to many groups of Cubans. The middle class and politically involved became frustrated at their lack of political power and influence within society. They began to look towards the revolutionaries and gave their support to their ideas. Peasants and workers felt the full force of Batistas crooked system, and were forced to live in poverty; they whole-heartedly embraced the idea of an overthrow in government by the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries rallied up support for their cause and channelled the discontent of the people into a revolution. Although it is possible that without the individual efforts of Fidel Castro the fall of the old regime would not have taken place.

Political discontent played a vital role in the collapse of the old regime, as Batistas values crumbled his political support, especially from the middle class began to look toward a revolution. Batistas government had become self-interested and repressive. It was reported that twenty members of the Batista government owned a Swiss bank account, each with deposits of over $1 m. While he still had military support on paper the people were turning against him. Batista was primarily interested in entertaining the United States. Rich Americans set up large business that supported themselves and Batista. America owned 90% of all mines, 50% of the oil industry and 80% of public services in Cuba. Political strikes were silenced with machine gun fire and suspected traitors often tortured. This repressive nature caused great political discontent, Middle class people found that they had...
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