Causes Behind School Shooting

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  • Published : October 1, 2008
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The Columbine Memorial lies silently in Clement Park, ten minutes’ drive from my aunt’s home. Nine years ago, two students in Columbine High School killed twelve students and a teacher before committing suicide there. Even today, many people regard it as a nightmare and don’t want to talk about it. Unfortunately, this tragedy is not alone, and during the last two decades, numerous school shootings have happened around the whole nation, and hundreds of people have died during the school massacres. Why do so many tragedies happen one after another? We couldn’t avoid the buskins unless we understand the disturbing reasons behind them.

Gun culture displayed by media seems to be one of the most important causes for those shootings. As a journalist mentions, “Considering countless gun movies and video games in our daily life, how could we forget violence”. Somehow, violent movies could either remind us of the bloody cruelty or lead us to violence; it depends on how we display brutality. Unfortunately, perhaps the media chooses a wrong way. As soon as we compare the advertisements of Kill Bill and that of Schindler's list, we could know movie makers’ attitudes on violence. Advertisements for action movies seem to be more appealing, which leads to a situation where children think gun violence is cool rather than cruel. What is worse, some adolescents feel so absorbed in the movie that they cannot tell apart between story and reality. Psychologists have a strong suspicion that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two killers in the Columbine massacre, were affected by the movie Matrix, because their clothing and behavior remind people of a scene where Neon and his partners kill all the people in a building. In a movie culture that appreciates violence, youngsters tend to love blood, and it’s just where tragedy begins.

Parallel with the responsibility of the media is the unsatisfactory education, both in family and at home. Although teachers and parents have...
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